Kindness Week

Crestwood celebrated Kindness Week from April 3rd to 8th. Homerooms were encouraged to be creative, and think of ways they could show kindness to their school, friends, community, and world. Kindness Week began in 2013, when The Human Kindness Project partnered with the TDSB and Toronto City Council. Over 3,000 students participated in its first year, and it has been expanding ever since. The vision is to celebrate a culture of kindness, while empowering children and youth to affect change through acts of kindness.

At Crestwood, homerooms showed kindness in many different ways. Students posted encouraging words on others’ lockers, purchased animals and food for families through Oxfam, blessed our office and lunchroom staff with gifts, and more. We are even continuing these acts of kindness beyond this one designated week, as our Senior Boys Rugby Team will volunteer at a soup kitchen on Monday.

We should be reminded that, “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted” (Aesop). Don’t wait until next year’s Kindness Week to be kind to one another!

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