Junior Boys Volleyball

Crestwood’s Jr. Boys Volleyball team are the undefeated DII Volleyball champions! On Wednesday, November 3rd, CPC Jr. Boys Volleyball closed off their season with a win against Lakefield College. CPC dominated the game and won it in a best 3 out of 5 sets. This all-star team went undefeated throughout their Division II season, and even had a chance to challenge and beat a Division I team, St. Michaels College.  Congratulations and impressive playing, team! Shout out to Jack Van Volson for his leadership and impressive play throughout the season, and Paolo Frasca for setting up success and making every hit possible. Special mentions to the grade ten big hitters who will be moving up; Anthony Cristoforo, Aiden Nunes, Marko Bilic, Sean Doherty and Justin Huang. Lastly, awesome hits and passes from our grade nines; Jaiden Newton, Ty Lue, Harry McLean, Ewan McChesney and Andrew Morrison.