JK Remembers

Little Poppy

Given to me

Help me keep Canada

Safe and free


Elias remembers watching the planes fly by

Lucas remembers buying hockey cards

Ryan B remembers the Soldiers

Lyla remembers going to New York

Brayden remembers going on a bike ride

Jade remembers sleeping at Grandmas house

John remembers seeing the marching band

Caelan remembers not bringing his back pack to school

Ryan M remembers going to the Museum with Daddy

Ivan remembers when he was 3

Dimitri remembers going to the Reptile Museum

George remembers going to get ice-cream

Payton remembers going to the zoo

Taylor remembers going to Disney World

Ethan remembers going to the park

Olivia remembers being a Princess in Disney World

Annika remembers being a tiny baby

Annie remembers making poppies

Mrs. Sandler and Mrs. Young remember meeting the boys and girls on the first day of school.