Introducing Lucy Mandel


I am the current Grade 2A teacher at Crestwood School and I am very pleased to be a part of this wonderful community. I completed my undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University and then attended university in the UK to complete my graduate degree in Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I am a new mother in my early thirties, and I have a wide range of life experiences. In addition to my recent studies abroad, I have travelled in Europe and Asia. As a child, I lived for a few years in Italy, attending school there where my father was a law professor. During my undergraduate degree, I was placed as a Child Life Specialist in the Inpatient Hematology and Oncology Ward at Sick Kids Hospital. While in my graduate program, I was selected for a study program of the Bavarian-German Education System in Munich, Germany. I am particularly proud of all these challenging and rewarding educational and life experiences. My grandmother and mother, both elementary school teachers, are important role models for me. I am very excited to work with the Crestwood students in their extra curricular activities including coaching in Track and Field in the Spring. As a young person, I was involved with figure skating and I especially look forward to our skating outings. I am excited about teaching all aspects of the curriculum in the classroom to include visual arts, an area I have always had a special interest. I look forward to all Crestwood has to offer.

-Lucy Mandel