Important Friendly Reminders


Dear Parents,

With in-school learning beginning on Monday, please note/ be reminded of the following:

  1. If you have traveled out of the country, your child may NOT return to school for 14 days from the date of their return to Toronto UNLESS the child has been FULLY VACCINATED (2 doses), and the second dose was administered more than 2 weeks ago.
  2. It was mentioned in a previous email that cloth masks are not as effective as the 3-ply medical masks, so please do your best to supply your children with the 3-ply mask.
  3. If you still have rapid tests left from the ones that we gave you before the break, please administer a test to your child on Sunday night. We have no more rapid tests at school. While the government gave us the tests before the break, they are only continuing to do so for public school students. I have purchased N95 masks and rapid tests for the staff.
  4. Please continue to diligently complete the EDUSAFE screening tool each morning before school.
  5. Kindly email your child’s teacher if he/she will not be at school on Monday.
  6. I strongly recommend that you limit the social activities of your children after school and on weekends. According to Public Health, infection is more likely to be brought into the school than generated at school.
  7. As mentioned in a previous email, if any child at Crestwood tests positive, we will immediately inform the parents of the children in that child’s class.
  8. This last item has nothing to do with COVID…please be reminded that re-enrolment forms and deposits are due on January 31st. We presently have more new applicants than we can accommodate, so if your re-enrolment form and deposit are not received by January 31st, we will be opening spots for the new applicants on February 1st.

Here’s hoping for a COVID-free, interruption-free rest of the school year. We’ve all had enough!

Warm regards,

Dalia Eisen