House Tug of War!


On Friday, October 18th, the House Heads hosted the first round of our House Tug of War series. Over the course of five rounds students in grades 3-6 from each house will have the opportunity to go up against the other houses tugging their way to victory! Each matchup is a best of five contest giving both sides good opportunity to challenge for the win!

Things started off great and we witnessed some epic matches in last week’s round 1! The grit and determination was off the charts as no house was ready to concede defeat. 

During the matchup between Beech and Cedar, Beech was ahead 2-0. The Cedar tug team would not give in and did not give up. Instead, they buckled down and ended up coming away with a monstrous 3-2 victory. What a great example of perseverance!

We are excited for round 2 coming up next Friday, November 1st (details to come).

-David Cooper