Hot Chocolate/Cookie MS Fundraiser


For the month of February, Crestwood students have been working together to read as much as they can. Along with all of their reading, many students have donated to our online M.S. Read-a-thon page. When we first started this fundraiser, we set a goal for our school to raise $2,000. We have exceeded our goal by raising a total of about $2,100.We were very fortunate to receive many larger donations from Crestwood families to support people living with M.S. 

Around half of the money we raised was generated through a hot chocolate fundraiser. Last Friday (February 17), Crestwood held a school-wide reading period. During this time, students had the opportunity to sit down and read a good book and enjoy a nice treat. While classes were reading, Community Service Team members went throughout the school handing out steamy cups of hot chocolate topped with delicious fluffy marshmallows for the Junior students. As for the Primary students, they were served chocolatey and crispy cookies.   We asked students to bring in a donation of $2 (or more), and we provided the primary students with chocolate cookies and the Junior students with hot chocolate. 

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone in our Crestwood community for doing their part to help support Canadians living with M.S.  

Maya Kassam & Olivia Sherman