Guidance Visits Careers Class

The Guidance Department visited the Grade 10 Careers classes this week to begin talking about postsecondary pathways, and important information to help students make decisions around career planning. These three-class sessions will introduce students to tools they may use to help them consider their strengths and interests, and ways in which they may explore these attributes further. The introductory sessions, which took place this week, gave students the opportunity to ask questions about university and what it takes to get there.

The classes focus primarily on Career Cruising, an online career and postsecondary planning tool that has been used at the school for a number of years. During our next in-class presentations, the Guidance Team will show students how to manipulate the program, allowing students to log in to the system in the computer lab. In addition to the students’ use of the program, parents will also have access to their son or daughter’s record using the Career Cruising Parent Portal. More information will be distributed in-class next week.

As always, if you have any questions regarding postsecondary planning or course selection, please contact either Mr. Mitz ( or Ms. Bryant ( in the Guidance Office.

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