Guidance News (Nov. 5)

Upcoming Post-Secondary Presentations
Held during lunch in Room 227 @ 1:15pm

  • Ryerson University– November 8th

Research & OUAC Applications

This is a friendly reminder to all grade 12s to keep working on your post-secondary research and refining your list of schools/programs that you would like to apply to. Below are the upcoming OUAC application seminar dates that will take place in your English classes:

  • November 15 – ENG4U-04 (Mr. Jull)
  • November 17 – ENG4U-05 (Mr. Jull)
  • November 18 – ENG4U-02 (Mr. McCluskey)
  • November 19 – ENG4U-01 (Mr. McCluskey)
  • November 22 – ENG4U-03 (Mr. Jull)

Please make sure you have your school/program list ready to go by your English seminar to make the application process go as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to stop by the Guidance office.

University of Waterloo – Contests

Math and computing contests challenge students from around the world with a range of abilities to grow valuable problem-solving skills. Contest participation is not a requirement for admission, but we strongly encourage you to participate, as it is an asset to your application.

You must participate in the Euclid Mathematics Contest or Canadian Senior Mathematics Contest (CSMC) to be considered for a Faculty of Mathematics Entrance Scholarship.

It is recommended that applicants to Computer Science write the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC), though it is not a requirement for admission. The aim of the competition is to provide students with an opportunity to test their ability in designing and understanding algorithms, as well as in programming. Contest winners will be invited to participate in computer science enrichment workshops at Waterloo, and you can include your participation in the contest on your Admission Information Form.

Why participate in a contest?

  • To challenge yourself and your problem-solving skills.
  • To prepare for university studies.
  • Contests are an asset to your application.
  • To demonstrate that you have sufficient mathematical background to enter our programs, especially useful in cases where we may be unfamiliar with an education system and unable to assess an applicant’s mathematical background.
  • To be eligible for an entrance scholarship.

More information:

Please speak to Ms. Postma as soon as possible about registering!

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences – Canadian Student Information Session

Attention Grade 11s! The Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS), the oldest university in Boston, MA, will be hosting a Canadian Student Information Session on Tuesday November 16th from 6pm – 7pm EST.  Students can either scan the QR code in the attached graphic or register in advance using this Zoom link:

MCPHS University has more than 100 degree offerings that all focus on the health sciences. Canadian high school students are especially interested in their direct entry and pathway programs for: Doctor of Pharmacy, Pre-Med/Medical Doctor, Physician Assistant Studies, Doctor of Optometry, Doctor of Physical Therapy…just to name a few! If you are interested, do not hesitate to register.