Guidance News (June 4)

OUAC: Admission Information Service (AIS)

  • Starting today, June 4, 2021, Ontario high school students can use the AIS (on the ouac website) to find programs that are still open at Ontario universities
  • To begin your search, visit and click: “SEARCH OPEN PROGRAMS
  • Once you find an open program of interest, add it to your 101 application and re-submit!

OSAP Application – Now Open

AP Exam Setup: Week 3

  • Exam setup is a critical, time-sensitive step that loads your specific exam onto the computer you are going to test with. If you do not complete exam setup before exam day, you WILL NOT be able to test.
  • Exam setup opens THREE (3) calendar days before each digital exam and must be completed NO LATER than the day before the exam.
  • If you are testing next week, please make sure you are completing the exam set-up once it is available! (See below)