Guidance News (Dec. 19)

Western University – Extraordinary Extracurricular Activities and Contributions to Citizenship Profile

Admission under the Extraordinary Extracurricular Activities & Contributions to Citizenship category is designed to recognize a candidate’s commitment to “extra-curricular activities and active citizenship” through ongoing contributions to school and community life. Students who believe that their average will fall marginally below the University’s minimum admission requirements and who have made significant contributions are eligible to submit a profile.

For admission consideration in this category you must:
➤ Be in your final year in an accredited secondary school that provides a basis of admission sufficient for admission to Western’s main campus
➤ Submit a full-time application for first-year studies to Western’s main campus by the appropriate application deadline
➤ Have an average marginally below the admission average that will be set for our May round of offers

The OUAC website and online applications will be available throughout the holiday break. To reduce the chance of delays and slower online response times, all students are encouraged to complete and submit their 101 application well in advance of the January 15, 2020 deadline!
Happy Holidays!