Graduation 2011

“It’s time for us to start a new and exciting chapter in our lives. The future eagerly awaits us and as we leave, we’re going to miss almost everything about C-wood from all the all nighters we pulled to dunking Mr. Fowler in the dunk tank at our last Funderland. From wasting our spares playing tetris to never being able to get the printer to work in the morning when you’re late for class. Ten years from now, we’re going to remember our snow day where it didn’t snow at all and our amazing cafeteria cookies. We’re going to think back to all our horrible year book pictures, to petty fights and everlasting friendships, to bake sales and color wars. Despite waiting our entire lives for this moment we know that graduation day is going to be one of the saddest days of the year as we leave all our amazing memories behind and move onto new things. We’re sure all the grads will miss the activities, the clubs, the teams, the special events and all the people who make up Crestwood because we know we will. ”

– Mehak Lahda and Dov Houle