Grade 9 Collaborative Art Project

This year Ms. Cooper and Ms. Reay’s grade 9 visual art students explored a variety of historical art styles and congruently learned about the artists who worked in these different veins. From the bright colours and bold outlines characteristic of Pop Art to the iconic softer, small dabs of colour associated with the Impressionist style students were tasked with choosing one style to depict within their artwork. By engaging their critical thinking and creative problem solving skills students were challenged to plan a colour scheme that suited the style of their individual piece. After the major planning and design choices were established through the creation of a concept sketch, students translated their visions into a practice painting. These practice paintings were then evaluated using a student check list and finally recreated onto a canvas surface. The end result was an amazing feat of collaborative art as each of the 42 canvases were brought together to form the image of a lion. This lion represents the Crestwood spirit and embodies the talent of our artists and will become a permanent addition to the hallways as a gift to the school.

Lion Picture (Crestwood Preparatory College)