Gr.4 Students Conquering Cancer

Crestwood Cares is very proud of our school’s tradition of community service.  Whether it be the Terry Fox Run, food drives, holiday gift drives, the MS Readathon or Jump Rope For Heart, our students, supported by their parents, take part in all of our charitable initiatives throughout the school year with generosity and enthusiasm.  Community Service can take place in a number of ways at Crestwood; through school led charitable initiatives, participation in our school’s Eco Team, and through the year long Grade 4 endeavour, Project Give Back.  However, we are particularly pleased when individuals take the initiative to propose, plan and carry out their own charitable fundraising initiative to help those in need. This year Crestwood Cares would like to recognize four grade 4 girls who planned and successfully participated in the Colour to Conquer Cancer fundraiser that runs throughout the month of May.

Kendall Morel, aged 9,  Sarah Markusson, aged 9, Jessica Katz, aged, 10 and Lilah Lewis Wine aged 10 decided to take part in the Colour to Conquer Cancer initiative because they believe that “little things can make a difference”, and they wanted to help people fighting cancer and  work toward finding a cure in our lifetime. These four young philanthropists set a goal of raising $1000.00 to help cancer sufferers. They established a web site and were soon on their way to help to “change the world”.  The girls gathered pledges carefully from family and friends throughout the month of May. By month’s end, Kendall, Sarah, Jessica and Lilah not only met their fundraising goal, they surpassed it, raising close to $2000.00!   This outstanding success enabled the girls to fulfill the promise made to their sponsors. They pledged to adopt a “bold new hairdo” to celebrate reaching their fundraising goals. On Wednesday, June 5, this fundraising team went to the hairstylist and emerged sporting flashy new hair colours as promised.  Watch for Kendall, Sara, Jessica and Lilah in the halls at school or on Family Fun Day, spot their “flashy new dos”, and congratulate them for following through on their pledge to help others and make a difference. Crestwood Cares is very proud of the girls for their commitment and dedication to helping others.

-Patti Hektor