Grade 3 Pioneering

As an extension to our unit on Pioneers this term, the Grade 3’s visited Black Creek Pioneer Village on May 28th appropriately dressed in pioneer clothing! We participated in two hands-on programs.  The first workshop was called Many Hands. We explored the lifestyles of the pioneers by using the tools, methods and recipes, which were commonplace on a 19th century farm. We experienced routines and the roles of various individuals while performing activities relating to the home and workshop.  Students had the opportunity to bake, spin, weave and do wood working.  We also had the opportunity to sample the delicious baked goods and churned butter at the end of our workshop!!  The afternoon program, called Hands on History, helped answer the question, How did they do that? Students had the opportunity to participate in a hands-on activity, where they got to build a log cabin or work on a giant loom. The guided tour continued in the village to relate these skills to the actual buildings and trades of the 1860’s. Some of our favourites were the doctor’s house as well as the original Stong family home.  The Grade 3’s look forward to visiting Black Creek Pioneer Village again very soon!