Gr.6 Mission to Mars

The Grade 6’s went to Mars last week and we are happy to announce that everyone returned.  Our trip to the Science Centre was full of excitement and all sorts of space activity.  We saw a great IMAX movie and explored the museum’s space exhibit, but the highlight of the trip was our Mission to Mars simulation.  Two groups of students, Mars Control Crew and Spacecraft Crew, had to work together to complete a series of tasks.  These included entering Mars’ orbit, launching two satellite probes, landing on Mars, doing a crew switch, lifting off from Mars, and reconnecting with the mother-ship.  Student jobs included Communication, Data, Isolation, Navigation, Medical, Life Support, Probe, and Media.  Students had to communicate, problem-solve, follow very technical instructions, and most importantly, work together.  They persevered through increased levels of carbon dioxide in the spacecraft, a solar storm, and a dust storm on Mars’ surface.  It was a fantastic experience and a powerful extension of our space curriculum.