Gr.1 Studying Structures

On Thursday April 12, 1A had a visit with Scientist Kathy from Scientists in the School.  Our topic of the day was “Structures: Under Construction!” A structure is an object that has a definite size and shape and serves a definite function or purpose. We learned that structures can be human or nature made.  5 amazing experiments were completed using fasteners, different materials (plastic, fabric, paper, rubber glass and metal), and we learned which ‘shapes’ around us are the most solid and reliable when building a structure.  Then, we discovered how to build a structurally sound table using NEWSPAPER and masking tape!  We had a great time together and made some incredible discoveries!! Thank you Scientist Kathy and our parent volunteers (Melanie Morel, Alison Waldenberg, Somayeh Walton and Renita Greener) for an amazing day!

-M. Hodgson