From the Headmaster’s Desk

Dear Parents and Friends of CPC:
If one stands too close to a fire, he or she will get burned. If one keeps bad company, he/she will one day have to explain to authorities what it is they didn’t do. If one stands in the middle of hi-way traffic….You can see where I’m going with this.
Social media and all its offspring have always been strangers to me. Everything that I have seen and heard are only motivation to deliberately nix any media exposition.
Our kids are poorly equipped to deal with the harshness and vicissitudes of their social media options. They should steer clear. Parents have to constantly remind them that engagement in any one of these could lead to heart break and  deep sadness.
So…what to do ? Simple. Tell your sons and daughters to stay off of compromising sites and apps. Every once in a while, review their phone content and make appropriate suggestions. There are quite a few aggressive sites out there right now.
We continue to monitor situations at school. As much as we want to help and protect, the “moths to a flame” analogy is an appropriate one to consider in all that we do. We can’t accomplish much if kids engage in the very things that they complain about.
Be well:
Vince Pagano