FORCE, of course!

The Grade 3 students investigated the impact of friction, gravity, static electricity and magnetic force through a FORCE, OF COURSE workshop presented by Scientists in the Schools. We used catapults to measure the impact of forces on a ball.  Do you know how a force is measured?  Forces are measured in newtons, named after Sir Isaac Newton after an apple fell on his head. The more force that is applied on an object, the greater the movement. ​We designed a marble roller coaster to experiment with​ gravity. ​We also ran experiments with magnets to see if they can defy gravity. Our magnets did some fun tricks; they were attracting, repelling, and even spinning without actually touching.  We tested the effectiveness of seat belts by looking at momentum too.​ This experiment validated that we should always wear seat belts for safety.  Last, we became magicians as we investigated electrostatic force. We turned ordinary plastic spoons into magic wands and we made styrofoam dance and jump.  What an amazing workshop hosted by Scientists in the Schools.

-P. Georgiou