Female and Male Mentorship Program

This week was our kickoff to the Female and Male Mentoring Meetings.

The girls program involves grade 7-8 girls meeting in small groups with grade 11-12 female students once a month.  The goal is to develop a ‘big sister’ relationship and provide a role model for the grade 7-8 girls to help them navigate high school.  The groups met on Wednesday this week and did some ‘get to know you’ activities.  In future weeks the girls will be discussing topics related to female pressures, puberty, and all things female!
Our male Grade 7’s and new Grade 8’s were paired in small groups with grade 11 and 12’s based on interest.  The interest groups were focussed on athletics, science, robotics, games, drama, arts, and general interest.  Mentees and mentors shared common interests, got to know each other and will connect frequently throughout the year.  The male mentors who were hand picked, will be the mentees go to person and they are focused on guiding their mentees through the Crestwood culture, developing positive male identities and reinforcing respect for all of Crestwood’s community, while also having fun!