Farming for Energy in Gr.5

The Grade 5 students had an incredible opportunity this morning to hear from Dave Hayles, the operations coordinator at Grand Valley Wind Farms, about the process of constructing, operating and managing a wind farm. Students enjoyed seeing pictures of the construction process and were amazed to hear the amount of time, effort and money that goes into constructing wind turbines. Dave also set up a model wind turbine, and students had the chance to try on the heavy harnesses used when climbing to the top of the turbines. To cap off the presentation, students were lucky enough to receive Grand Valley Wind Farms T-shirts and foam cut-outs for the students to create their own model turbines. A special thank you to Yuri and Katya, Ksenia’s parents, for organizing this unique experience for the students. Both teachers and students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and learned a great deal!

-A. Fuller