Fall Sports Schedule


As the Athletic Director of Crestwood School, I want to welcome you to our Fall CISAA varsity after school sports program, as well as our intramural leagues which all begin next week, weather permitting.

I hope your child is as excited to return to sport as we are!

Please take the time to read the condensed sports calendar below, highlighting upcoming teams throughout the year. 

Monday and Wednesday will be dedicated after school practice times, approximately 3:45-4:45 pm. 

Game schedules will be confirmed in the coming days and shared with team members as soon as possible. Your child once selected for the team will be given a commitment package requiring your signature, containing detailed information.

Please check the weekly Friday newsletter sports section, which will always highlight the upcoming week.

Fall teams (season begins week of September 12th, runs through until October 28th)

Primary cross-country ~grade 1-3, lunchtime league

Junior cross country ~ grade 4-6, morning practice 8:00-8:40am, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

U12 Girls Basketball ~ 5 & 6

U10 Girls Basketball ~ grade 4

U10 Co-ed Soccer~ grade 4

U11 Co-ed Soccer~ grade 5

U12 Co-ed Soccer~ grade 6

Primary Co-ed intramural soccer ~ grade 1-3, lunchtime league

U12 Ultimate frisbee ~ co-ed grade 5 & 6

Winter (season begins week of November 7th, runs through until the first week of March 2023)

U12 Badminton ~grades 4-6

U12 Co-ed Hockey ~ grades 4-6, Thursday practice @ York Mills arena, 3:15-4:15pm

U12 Boys Basketball ~grade 6

U11 Boys Basketball~ grade 5

U10 Boys Basketball~ grade 4

U9 Co-ed Basketball~ grade 3, lunchtime league

U12 Girls Volleyball

Spring (season begins week of April 3rd, runs through until the first week of May 22nd, 2023)

Primary track & field ~ grade 1-3, lunchtime league

Junior track & field ~grade 4-6

U12 Co-ed intramural Ball Hockey ~ grade 4-6, lunchtime league  

U12 Co-ed Softball ~grade 5 & 6

Please feel free to contact me sherri.brenzel@crestwood.on.ca if you have any questions.

Sherri Brenzel, Athletic Director