Extracurricular Clubs

The following clubs are up and running at Crestwood.  Clubs are a great way for kids to get to know others, as well as build skills that enrich their academic curriculum, build life skills, and improve resume experiences.  Please see below for information on clubs;


Kids Lit Quiz team – Grade 7 (some 8’s)

Are you in Grade 7 and love reading?  Then you should consider joining CPC’s Kids Lit Quiz Club.  The Kids Lit Quiz is an international children’s literature trivia competition, and for the last four years we have participated in the Toronto Regional Heat, trying to qualify for the national championships.  We will meet on Day 2A’s from September to January and learn about fables, fairy tales, graphic novels, popular works like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, as well as lots of books you probably haven’t heard of before!


Female Peer Mentorship – Grade 11-12 girls

The Female Peer Mentorship club is available for all Grade 11-12 girls who would like to join.  This club brings together Grade 11-12 girls with groups of grade 7-8 girls to provide mentorship, guidance and support through the difficult years of puberty.  This year the club will be meeting virtually and then meeting in small socially distanced groups while the weather permits.  If you would like to sign up and haven’t done so already please send an email to Mrs. Newton at lisa.newton@crestwood.on.ca


Robotics Club – Grades 7-12

All robotics club sign up: starts next week https://forms.gle/iNpd1Vpx89qLhRkP9


Photography Club – Grade 7-12

Photography club: Starts next week https://forms.gle/whTBd6Ltu5RKHNEg8


Chess Club – Grade 9-12

This year’s Chess Club will take place virtually on the Lichess virtual platform, but what won’t change is the Club’s openness to include players of all levels from Grades 9-12.  We play on a ladder system, where you get to challenge Club members and see your personal rating grow as we play games weekly throughout the year.  There may also be opportunities for Club members to represent Crestwood at virtual tournaments as the year goes on.  


QSA Blurb – Grade 7-12

The CPC Queer-Straight Alliance is excited to reboot and welcomes new members! Our club is actively committed to finding ways to ensure that Crestwood Preparatory College is an inclusive environment for members of the LGBTQ+ community. We are also dedicated to creating a space for issues pertaining to the LGBTQ+ community to be discussed in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Interested in joining? Keep your eyes and ears open– a signup form will be posted in Edsby shortly. Questions? Email: elena.young@crestwood.on.ca or sue.lyons@crestwood.on.ca



Crestword Newspaper Blurb – Grade 7-12

Do you love to write? Research? Report? Then the Crestword Newspaper is the club for you! Four times a year, we put out an issue covering the stories that matter most to the CPC community. Interested in joining? Keep your eyes and ears open– a signup form will be posted in Edsby shortly. Questions? Email: elena.young@crestwood.on.ca


Senior Prefect Council – Grade 9-12

The Senior Prefect Council selection process if underway! Applications were due this past week, and there has been a lot of interest. The Senior Prefect Council is composed of grade 9-12 students who have a strong desire to be leaders within their school community. This council works to organize and carry out various school events. Such events are designed to bring the school community together and show spirit, as well as give back to the community. 


Problem Solving Club Blurb – Grade 9-12

Do you love math and writing math contests?  Do you want to be a better problem solver?  Then the problem-solving club is the place for you!  We meet virtually every Friday after school from 3:30-4pm.  The problem-solving club is for any students interested in writing math contests and wanting to learn techniques to solve mathematical problems.  Want to sign up?  Send Ms. Postma an email at cassy.postma@crestwood.on.ca. 


Crestwood Cares – Grade 9-12

Crestwood Cares is a club open for all Grade 9-12 students to join. The focus of this club is to create a fun and supportive school environment through promoting mental health and wellbeing initiatives. This year the club will be meeting online as well as in person in a safe and distant manner. For more information please email christine.somerville@crestwood.on.ca 


Jr. Book Club – Grade 7-8

If you’re an avid reader and like talking about books and meeting new students, the Junior Book Club is for you! We will be meeting at school throughout the year during Jr. Lunch. Keep an eye out for a sign-up sheet on Edsby and more details about meetings and how the year will work. If you have questions, feel free to email Ms. Doble (briana.doble@crestwood.on.ca) or Mr. MacPherson (sean.macpherson@crestwood.on.ca).


Table tennis Club – Grade 7-12

Table Tennis club is back at it again. Join us on day 3 after school. This club is open to everyone, experienced and new players alike. Improve your hand-eye coordination, balance and reflexes all while having fun.

Send Mr. Cardona an email at nelson.cardona@crestwood.on.ca. 


Digital Art Club – Gr. 7-12

Are you interested in creating digital art and animation with a tablet or a computer, along with a device such as a mouse or a stylus? Join Ms. Ly (miranda.ly@crestwood.on.ca) and Ms. De Cata (kathryn.decata@crestwood.on.ca) on Tuesdays and Fridays from 3:30 – 4:30pm (online),