Ending Period Poverty

Our Female Peer Leadership group has partnered with Native Child Services (Malvern) to work on some female empowerment initiatives.  As part of our February ‘Because I Am A Girl Day’ (Feb. 10), we will be collecting donations of feminine hygiene products to be distributed to Native Child’s transitional housing units, shelters, and to mothers that utilize their family services.
According to Plan International Canada Inc., in 2019, 34% of women and girls in Canada had to often make budgetary sacrifices in order to afford menstrual products. Plan Canada also found that 68% of women in Canada feel that their period prevented them from full participation in activity.  More than half have missed school, work or social activities.  The number for those under 25 years of age was even higher with over 70% refraining from participation.  Due to a lack of period resources some girls are forced to stay home from school to avoid humiliation and taunts for potential leaks.  This further sets women behind in education and the gender gap widens. These social and financial constraints remain particularly stark in low-income communities, forcing girls to miss school and marginalize women.  These challenges have been aggravated by the COVID-19 pandemic.
We want to make a difference.  There will be a collection box in the front lobby from Jan. 31 until February 10th.  We will also accept gift cards to Walmart to go out and purchase products.  Any gift card donations can be brought to Mrs. Newton’s office.