End Bullying Worldwide!

This coming Wednesday (February 27th, 2019) we will be recognizing Pink Shirt Day!

In addition to working throughout the year to be the best we can be, Pink Shirt Day gives us the chance to shine a very important light on how much bullying still occurs and to remind everyone to do their part to help end Bullying worldwide!
Ms. Eisen has generously donated pink shirts for every student to wear on Wednesday, but we’re also going to take it one step further! On Wednesday to show as much support as possible we are going to wear as much pink as we can. That means that it’s totally okay for you to wear your pink shirt with crestwood gym pants, jeans or plain black leggings however if you want you can also wear pink socks, pink pants, your pink shirt pink sunglasses and a pink hat you can! Have as much pink on as you can to show your support!
Please remember that it is NOT a grub day.

If you want to check out the story of how pink shirt day began you can look down below (point down) in the description area for the link!