From the Library

On Monday, April 25, First Nations speaker Emilie Corbiere visited with our Grade 3 and 5 students to complement what they are learning in Social Studies class.  She brought in museum quality artifacts including eagle feathers, various skins, porcupine quill boxes and jewellery, beadwork, 70 year old snowshoes, a traditional jingle dress, dream catchers, drums, moccasins, birch bark baskets, sweetgrass and much more. She discussed Aboriginal dwellings, transportation, hunting, clothing, ceremonies, dancing, celebrations, food and more.  One of the traditional foods that we learned about was bannock.  Here’s the link for the recipe that some of our students requested:

Emilie Corbiere is also an author of Aboriginal stories and she shared some of her books with us as well.  For a description, please have a look:

An interesting legend about why porcupines have quills can be found here:

Overall, it was a fun and interesting presentation and we will definitely be inviting Emilie Corbiere back to Crestwood School.


Many students have overdue library books.  Please help your child locate any library books that they are finished with and return them to the library on Monday.

Thank you

-Teacher/Librarian Lara Bafaro