Edsby Welcomes You

We are pleased to announce that we currently have over 300 active parents on our Edsby system. Thank you for your participation and please keep an eye out for any Edsby groups/teams that you and your children have been added to as the Fall term gets rolling. For those of you not yet familiar with Edsby, it provides a modern way for parents and guardians to track their child’s homework and assignments, daily schedules, P/T interviews, weekly news, and much more. New parents would have received an email from Edsby yesterday, Thursday, Sept. 5th. This link will allow you to setup your own personal Edsby password and connect you to your child(ren)’s information. Students and parents are able to access Edsby through any browser and/or through the “on the go” free Edsby App.

Any issues please do not hesitate to contact luke.connors@crestwood.on.ca