Eco Warriors

The Eco Team never ceases to impress. They continue to haul recycling out to the parking lot on Wednesdays and Fridays, and now they come to Madame Martin’s room every Monday and Tuesday at lunch for meetings. For these dedicated environmentalists, once a week was not enough to discuss important environmental issues and brainstorm on how we can make a change for the better.


The Eco Team has taken on some exciting projects!

1) We have invited the Earth Rangers to visit the school in February!! They will be doing a live animal presentation and explaining their battery-recycling program.

2) The Eco Team blog is being created!!! Daniel Cui, Tal Shram, Samantha Kirkconnel, and Cameron Veisman have been learning how to create a blog and use it to post the latest Eco Team news. Stay tuned for news of the official publication!!

The Eco Team would like to thank Ali from 6A. On Wednesday, we were in desperately in need of some help with the recycling. Ali came to our rescue! He gave up his soccer game and part of his recess to help us out. His help was very appreciated and his maturity admired.