Eco Warriors

The Eco Team has been working very hard! After inviting the Earth Rangers to come to the school, the kids took on the responsibility of the Battery Blitz. Alkaline batteries are prone to leaking potassium hydroxide, an agent that can cause respiratory, eye, and skin irritation. Plus, batteries not properly disposed of can be a fire hazard!

To keep our school safe, Matthew Laslop and Samantha Kirkconnell went around to all the battery bins and made sure each battery was bagged and taped according to the safety guidelines. It was a lot of work but they are dedicated!

And speaking of dedicated – the team has been building muscle hauling all the recycling out Wednesdays and Fridays!! Special thanks to Luke T., Tal, Dylan, Daniel, Cameron, Myles, Ben, Saladin, Luke E., Ryan, Evan, and Jack for their amazing efforts recently!!

At the meetings, we have been planning some exciting projects to begin after March Break!!

The Eco Team should give themselves a pat on the back for being so dedicated to the environmental well being of their school and the planet!!!