Duke of Edinburgh – Lake Temagami Trip

On September 20th, students from grade 10 and 11 along with 2 teachers, Mr. Douglas and Ms. Peters, ventured off into the wilds of Temagami. This is a beautiful region about an hour north of North Bay. These 19 brave souls, seeking to achieve their bronze or silver levels for the Duke of Edinburgh program, undertook a 3 day and 2 night canoe trip. Expertly guided by our very experienced staff from Camp Temagami, we battled thunder storms, paddling in the rain and (by the end) some pretty strong body odour. We also ate like kings; feasting on corn chowder, fettuccine alfredo, fried granola and a whole lot of bacon. We all got a chance to cut wood, cook on an open fire and set up tents. And yes everyone took a turn washing dishes too. All those involved came out the other side a little closer, a little wiser and with much bigger smiles. From a personal stand point, I could not have been more proud of how these kids represented their school and their families. Finally the folks at Camp Temagami were the most gracious of hosts; preparing, organizing and implementing an outstanding experience for each and everyone one of us. Thanks to you all.

Graham Douglas