A Huge ‘Thank You’ Goes To Our Parents


Over the past two days we have experienced a much more efficient drop-off and pick up procedure and all of the credit goes to you. For morning drop-off, students have been packed up and ready to exit their vehicle when they enter their designated drop zone. It is obvious that parents have better prepared their child(ren) and their belongings prior to drop-off. This preparation ultimately leads to a much-improved start to the day for everyone.

Pick Up has been running much more smoothly as well. Here is your scheduled pick-up time in case you missed it.

ZONE 1 (in front of primary building)


Grade 1…3:15

Grade 2…3:30

ZONE 2 (turnaround at the very end of Lawrence)

Grade 3 & 4…3:15

Grade 5…3:30

Grade 6…3:45

Thank you for your patience and understanding.