CSPA Meeting Recap

CSPA October Meeting 2018

A new initiative for used uniforms (ones that are ripped and unsellable at the sale). We can collect and donate to Value Village who will shred and sell them for auto body shops as rags (etc.) We can collect any textiles for this. – staff contact Ms. Patton


Dalia’s Dish

Pot Holes

Pot Holes were filled prior to the beginning of the school year but people are reporting there are still pot holes in the back lot

Dalia will investigate getting them filled again

Guest Speakers

Dalia strongly urges attendance especially the parenting session –       Ron Moresh – October 25, 2018

Dr. Alex Russell – November 8, 2018


Mrs. B Guest Speaker Update

Lee Davis (Yoga Therapist) will do a basic 15 min assessment to share with teachers  She will be assessing “tone” and function.

Yoga will commence in the Primary division in November. The Junior divison will follow.

Lee brought the mindful yoga; she is a Occupation Therapist and Neurosensory OT

Connection between the brain and body

Provide advice for “in the classrooms” to allow teachers to support student needs.

Results will be shared with parents

All students throughout Crestwood will receive a 8-week Sensory Yoga class

ACTION – List of classes receiving Yoga will be provided to Melanie


Patti Hektor Crestwood Cares

Crestwood Cares; is going to have a student community service committee (vs just the house heads). This will provide more leadership opportunities tfor students in Grade 5 and 6

Many teachers have volunteered to be involved

Dave Cooper put together a list of possible ideas

ACTION – CSPA to provide a list of possibilities too


The Community Service Committee will determine which charities Crestwood School will support.

We currently support three orphans in Tanzania

We support their education and wellbeing through fundraising “Be the Change”

Food drives off the holiday seasons

Warm clothing drives and holiday collections

Possible events for this year – Veterans Tea

ACTION – Request for the CSPA to fund it

Skip It

(Provide funds which otherwise would have spent on McDonalds etc)

Holiday Gift

We decided $150 per child which will cover both Winter Holiday gift and year end gift

We (CSPA) will provide a letter to be sent out to parents by the Grade Parents. Grade Parents will collect the funds from their parent community.



Dave said we will have the new uniforms for about October 20th (maybe as early as the 15th). He was waiting for the shipment of the textiles

We requested a long sleeve gym shirt AND for House Colour Shirts

Many parents were upset that all uniforms were not available for the beginning of the year

Especially for new parents/children who feel out of place ecause house shirts or uniforms were unavailable

Some of the ‘customer service’ we have enjoyed in the past has diminished; need to call him a number of times

NOTE – If there are issues please contact Grace or Dalia and they will contact Dave

Needs better planning for stock

ACTION – Melanie – Speak with Dave regarding better planning for having new uniform available when they are needed.

There is some uncertainty regarding what is permitted for after the Thanksgiving uniform switchover

We need to ensure some continuity for the community regarding seasonal uniform expectations

ACTION – Dalia to provide clarity to Melanie


Grade Parents

JK Yaz Hobooti

SK Somayeh Walton

1 Hayley Wine

2 Melanie Morel

3 Lorna Kyprianou

4 Hayley Wine

5 Julie Dergal/Elissa Gamus

6 Tama Sirkis


New program

Grade parents will contact their classes within the next two weeks as a greeting, then send over the request for money for teachers gifts


Used Uniform Sale


Donation Philanthropy

We earned $4,400

We had 26 bins of used clothes

After the sale we had only 11 bins left

Volunteers were super helpful – Thank you!


ACTION – For the May Sale we are going to work with Dave to have new stock there in addition to the used ones (ties etc.)


ACTION – Send off uniforms for donations. We have enough to cloth a whole school

Last year Lee paid for the transport for the clothes

we need to consider this cost for the donation this year


Ideas for locations

Native reserve in Canada (Ontario)

India (Lee sends donations to a specific school)

Connection to Kenya

We will decide on a firm location and transport costs soon


Hallowe’en Costume Protocol

Little kids get to use their costumes all day

Older students can wear costumes for half day after lunch

A letter will come home from the school with any costume restrictions for Hallowe’en

It is a hard day for teachers as the kids are super distracted and excited

Parents are not welcome to the Halloween event at school


Scholastic Book Fair (Allison, Hayley)

At the end of October (Oct 29-Nov1)

Each class get an email detailing their classes scheduled walk through and shoppig time


Class parents and Weekly Newsletters will request parent volunteers

Usually we are ok with volunteer numbers


Parking Protocol

The committee has some suggestions and Dalia will approve

Glendon’s right of way must always be maintained

Cones were put out and cars coming from Glendon were redirected around the building – we are not allowed to block the right of way from Gendon

Cones will no longer be there

People who know the correct way will continue but we cannot be everywhere

A one-way sign may be necessary for the road leading to the terminus of Lawrence

Out has the right of way (this is not a two way street)

Overall more signage is needed (Caution Children etc)

Reflective tape


Gala Update (Teresa)

Forming a committee very soon

Date for late October (before Halloween)

Looking for venues

Possible Thursday night event

Parents would rather not have to give up their weekend night time vs weekday

Information will be sent out in the future

May split people into sub-committees (Florals, auction)


Holiday Initiatives

Wrapping Paper

We cannot find a vendor for this as this is an easy sale

Purdy’s Chocolate

Received samples and info on their fundraisinging

25% profits


We have a school printer who can make the books

Tight timeline but possible

“Crestwood Family Favourites”

Sold for the holiday season

There are companies which do this

Money making initiatives
Holiday Baskets / Recipient/Organization

Last year St Felix and we are looking for something new…

Some groups sponsor families but you need to sign up soon


Holiday Shopping Party

Evening Shopping night, proceeds go to school

Held in the gym

Early stages of planning

Wine and Cheese

Parents can come and shop

Throw it out to the community to sign up as a vendor

We are not going to sell tickets

We are unsure if we will charge a vendor fees

We will get a % of profits

Unsure of dates (November) before other schools do theirs

Do it on a school night

CSPA has old binder with vendors (we had approx 25 in the past)


ACTION – Theresa – Need to select a date and lock in vendors

Possible Dates- November 19, 20 or 21st

Jessica will help organize this initiative



2019 Treasurer

PIzza Co-ordinator

You don’t need to be an accountant

All books on Quicken

We want to be able to train the person prior to year end