Crestwood’s Got Talent!

Though in years past we’ve hosted a talent show bringing together the whole school to watch as select performers shared their talents at a specific date and time, this year they’re going to get a little more flexible!
The pandemic has forced us to change the way we do many things, but in this case it may actually work out for the best.
Though we won’t be able to gather for a “show” like we normally would, using the Flipgrid platform, we will still have the ability to showcase our talents. It is just now we can do it on an ongoing basis instead of being stuck to a specific date and time.
Once a student has permission to use the Flipgrid platform (Parental consent form click here) all they have to do is film your talent and post it (videos are a maximum of 3 minutes).
All videos, once approved, will be live on our Flipgrid!
Click here to access our Crestwood’s Got Talent Flipgrid page or scan the QR code below! (It is also available via the link at the top of Edsby).
David Cooper