Crestwood students partake in Model UN

The Southern Ontario Model United Nations Assembly (SOMA) is a student forum for the debate of international issues modeled on the UN itself. It is student-run and has been held for 40 years on the University of Toronto campus and it attracts hundreds of high school students from all over the U.S. and Canada. Students are given the opportunity to represent delegations from the UN itself and to role play/debate as would representatives from those nations. This year 9 students from Crestwood represented the nations of Lebanon, the Netherlands, and Sri Lanka and took part in proceedings on the Security Council, the EU and other parts of this model UN assembly. SOMA is a great way for motivated, interested, and outgoing students to become involved in an enjoyable and demanding extracurricular activity. This year’s team included Lisette Weinstein, Richard Laramie, Kee Mennell, Adam Wilson, Karan Atri, Mark Shafarenko, Michael Lawee, Noah Levin, and was led by Jonah Elfassy, and Staff Advisers Mr. Masters and Mr. Rachlis, all of whom oversaw yet another successful venture in diplomacy