Crestwood Preparatory College proudly presents: Marc Kielburger

Give a man a fish and he’ll feed his family for a day, Teach a man to fish and he’ll feed his family for a lifetime” (Chinese Proverb)

This was the message Crestwood grade 6 to 12 students heard today from Marc Keilburger.

Marc is the co-founder of Free The Children, a unique international development and youth empowerment organization. Since its founding in 1995, Free The Children has become the world’s leading youth-driven charity, inspiring an entire generation to stand up and have their voices heard. Marc spoke about his real life experiences in India, Kenya and Sierra Leone. He dove deep into social issues and the reasons why the young generation needs to make a change for a better tomorrow. Students walked away knowing and believing that they are the voice of change for the future, they will be the one’s to help poverty and participate in making sure the UN Millenium goals are met.

Through Marc’s inspiring speech students now understand the importance of social justice and the reasons why getting involved will help those who have no voice or resources to help themselves.

Last year 17 Crestwood Students embarked on one of these life changing expereinces in Ecuador. Next Year Crestwood will make a difference again as we participate in another Me To We trip during March Break.