Crestwood goes digital

Crestwood Preparatory College is pleased to be partnering with Nelson Education Ltd. in a student and teacher digital resource pilot. As an educational leader and innovator, Crestwood understands that teaching approaches, along with strategies on maintaining and improving student engagement, are changing. Students are connected to technology and are early adopters of technological tools. To that end, Crestwood has been implementing twenty-first-century online learning tools and technology in an effort to be the most effective educators they can be. They recognize that they are producing future leaders within Canada and across the globe, and as one of Toronto’s leading educational institutes, they are pushing educational providers to become more innovative so that the students of today are better, stronger, and more knowledgeable.

Crestwood is a cutting-edge school that provides a superior educational experience; they understand that students learn in many different ways and that student engagement is a critical part of student success. Nelson Education Ltd. continues to invest heavily in the development of online, interactive resources for students in the K–12 markets and is proud to be a part of this student and teacher digital resource pilot.