Crestwood English Department Hosts Annual CITE AGM

On Tuesday, December 11th, the Crestwood English Department hosted this year’s CITE (Conference of Independent Teachers of English) AGM and Social. CITE supports the teaching and learning of English at its member’s CIS Ontario schools and is dedicated to providing CIS English teachers with opportunities for networking and professional development.

Last Tuesday’s event was an opportunity for the CITE Executive to present their yearly findings, and a chance for CIS English teachers to connect and take in a keynote address by Daniel Scott Tysdal, an instructor at the University of Toronto and a published poet and author. Professor Tysdal offered attendees the opportunity to reflect on how the various strands of the English curriculum (Writing, Reading, Media Studies and Oral Communication) can be weaved together in innovative and unexpected ways, offering teachers a variety of new prompts and ideas to bring into their classrooms.