Crestwood Chef

Please welcome Chef Julian Castano to our Crestwood Food Service team.

Chef Julian started his culinary career at the age of 17, with the help of his family, while still at home in Columbia.  Those lessons learned within his family restaurant gave him the foundation to transport his talent to Canada 8 years ago.

We are happy to announce that Chef Julian has decided to continue his career here at Crestwood Preparatory College with the goal of refocusing our flavours and fresh made options in the cafeteria.  With a foundation of basic techniques and the highest quality fresh ingredients, the team looks forward to bringing world flavours and personal favourites to the everyday offerings in the café.

The addition of Chef Julian’s strong culinary background and fresh flavours, to the current friendly familiarity of Beata and Michelle, allows the team to take food services at Crestwood Preparatory College to the next level.

Feel free to stop by and discuss what you would like available from the Crestwood Preparatory College cafeteria and to learn how they can incorporate your favourite meals into the menu offerings.