Crestwood Cares’ Triple Threat!

Crestwood Cares LOGO

It is always important for us to focus on learning the importance of giving back and helping others whether it is through acts of thoughtfulness, charitable giving, personal sacrifice or a combination of endeavours that help make our world a better place!

This year we are starting our community service off with a strong September, working to support the Terry Fox Foundation in their continued effort to battle cancer. We are stepping things up and are selling pink shoelaces to raise money to battle Multiple Myeloma as well.

Our goal is simple, We would like to raise as much money as we can for the Terry Fox Foundation before our run on September 28th and we would also like to see how many people we can get wearing a Multiple Myeloma pink shoelace when we line up on the starting line.

To support one of these causes all you need to do for Terry Fox is to make a donation online at or send in the paper donation form with your child. For Multiple Myeloma there is a donation bin in the office and we will also be selling pink shoelaces on Monday at lunchtime for anyone that was unable to get one at the Welcome Back BBQ.

If you thought that was all, there is also our ongoing Food Drive for the North York Harvest Food Bank, which will run until the afternoon of Wednesday October 4th. Our desire is to see as many people have a happy Thanksgiving as possible. Donation bins are located near the entrance to each school building.

We thank you so much for all your continued support!

Fundraising/Donation Summary:

Terry Fox: Run – Thurs Sept 28th

Donations (Online or via Paper Donation Forms)

Multiple Myeloma: Purchase pink shoelaces and wear them to the Terry Fox Run

Donations (box available in the office, Shoelace sale for students/parents Monday at lunchtime)

Food Drive: Food bins for the North York Harvest Food Bank are located at the entrance to each Crestwood Building.

-D. Cooper