Crestwood Cares


With one more week to go for the Crestwood Cares Autumn Food Drive, I am extremely proud of the generosity shown by our community.  When I spoke to the Community Share Food Bank two weeks ago in preparation for our drive, I was told that their shelves were practically empty.  The thought of children in our local community going without healthy food was, in short, horrifying.  However, I knew, in my heart, that Crestwood School would soon help to alleviate that crisis. I turns out that I was right, the Crestwood community really stepped up during this, the first week of our food drive.  Watching bag after bag of healthy, non-perishable food items being donated at Crestwood’s Welcome Back BBQ was truly moving!  In addition, donations have continued to pour into the school throughout the week, to the extent that I arranged for an early pick up so that we could get some of that food to the people who really need it as quickly as possible.  Thank you very much to the Crestwood Community.  You have really helped to keep healthy food on the table for the many people facing difficulties in our community.

Now, we have one week left to assist the Community Share Food Bank.   Please keep your donations coming.  Let’s try to keep those shelves full of healthy, non-perishable food for a little while longer!

Thank you again Crestwood!

– Patti Hektor for Crestwood Cares