CPC Student Alexa Gibson’s Raises $30,000 for Reach Organization

A Message Released by the Reach Organization

Reach has just been named the recipient of a $30,000 donation from TD Securities Underwriting Hope fund, and all because Alexa Gibson fiercely advocated on behalf of the charity! Alexa’s father, Glenn Gibson, works for TD Securities.

It all started when Alexa Gibson and her partner, both students at Crestwood Preparatory College selected Reach for their YPI Project in April 2017. The winners of the YPI Project have the opportunity to win $5,000 for their selected organization. Upon visiting Reach, Alexa said she chose the organization because Reach is so passionate about youth and helping kids with disabilities. When they were not selected by YPI, Alexa followed up with the organization and stated that she would continue to try and raise funds on her own!  Well she did just that and with the help of her father nominating Reach to the TD Securities Underwriting Hope fund – Reach received an unbelievable $30,000!

The $30,000 will support Reach’s Active All Year Initiative. The Active All Year Project provides sustainable programs for children and youth with disabilities to partake in physical activity and recreation, sport and art programs in communities across Ontario. Thank you to TD Securities Underwriting Hope for their support! Executive Director Dawn MacDonald said, “We owe Alexa and her parents Megan and Glenn Gibson a huge thank you for their dedication to raising critical funds for our work”.

About Reach…

Reach is a not-for-profit organization that supports essential, barrier free services connecting children and youth with disabilities to inclusive recreation, sport and art opportunities in their own communities.