CPC Scholars and Academic Contests

November has been a very busy month for members of Crestwood’s Problem Solving Club. On November 8th, 10 students participated in the Canadian Open Mathematics Competition (the COMC).  This math contest had students discover and explore mathematics and problem solving with some very challenging and unique problems

Also, over the past two weeks, Crestwood’s Grade 7-10 Computer Scientists wrote the Beaver Computing Contest.  This online contest run by the University of Waterloo gave students real life examples of logical problems that Computer Science helps us solve.  We had 4 students place on the honour roll and will be recognized at the next town hall in December.

Finally, on November 21st, 24 problem solvers from grades 8 to 12 participated in the University of Waterloo’s Canadian Intermediate and Senior Math Contest.  Students of the Problem Solving club had fun developing their skills with this 9 question contest that required them to get creative and show determination and persistence to prove their solutions.

Stay tuned for the results in the coming weeks!