CPC Oral History Project (Mar. 5)

Over the past two weekends the Crestwood Oral History Project has continued its Sunday sessions, introducing students to members of the wartime generation.  On Sunday, February 21 and again Sunday, February 28, we did zoom sessions with Holocaust survivors in Israel, and each time Mr. Masters and Mr. Hawkins welcomed approximately 20 students to listen to these important stories that match and go beyond their classroom learning.  First we were able to visit with Dr. Avraham Peter, who was a teenager in the Lodz Ghetto during the war, and then the following weekend we heard from Tswi Herschel, who was born during the war in the Netherlands.  Both men spoke compellingly about family and the will to survive, and about the personal steps taken during and after the war to maintain their spirits and identity.  As these sessions are proving to be quite popular, we plan to continue them, and interested students have the opportunity to hear incredible stories connected to World War Two. Students interested in joining future interviews should email Mr. Masters.