CPC – Moosehide Campaign

This Thursday Feb 10 the Crestwood Male Mentorship Program and all those who identify as he/him or they/them will be taking part in the Moosehide campaign.  This movement started as a response to domestic violence against indigenous women and children; but has grown to include all those who stand against domestic violence.  Efforts to address domestic and gender-based violence have historically been led by women and women’s organizations. The campaign was founded on the belief that men and boys need to step up and take action too, challenging behaviour that leads to violence and developing a culture of healthy masculinity.  However, people of all genders, ages and cultures are invited to take part in the campaign.

On Feb 10th we will be delivering moosehide and artificial moose hide pins to classes.

We will also be giving people a chance to take a photo or video pledge saying that they “will stand against domestic violence.”   We do this on Feb 10th in support of “Because I am a Girl Day.”  We would ask the Crestwood community to bring a toonie donation on Thursday.  For those who would like more information on the campaign or to make a direct donation please go to https://moosehidecampaign.ca/