CPC Grade Seven Girls Organize Secret Santa

An article written by Beatrice Park.
This year some grade 7 girls did a secret Santa.  At the beginning of December, all the girls decided to do a secret Santa.  They put all the people’s names that were interested to join the fun activity into a hat and once someone had their paper, they had to keep it a secret until December 6th, the day the presents were given.  The rules were that the presents can be from whatever brand, but they have to fit the budget, which was forty dollars or less. All of the girls that participated had a great time giving a present to a classmate and seeing the look on their face when they opened their gift.  Everyone was happy they got to participate and happy for what they got.  A secret Santa is a great activity to do before the holidays to get people excited and ready for the holidays.  In addition, it is great for making new friends and seeing what excites them.