CPC Athletic Update

We are looking forward to the return to game play next week.  The CISAA has been working hard to put together a condensed winter season, and get the kids back to doing what they love.  BUT we are still awaiting an announcement from the Ministry of Education and local Public Health regions to give school sport approval to play.  We were hoping this announcement would have been made this week given that community sport has resumed, but nothing yet.  Therefore, we do have games scheduled for next week but expect possible cancellations.  All cancellations will be posted in Edsby.
The Plan;
Our U14 teams will play in an exhibition season, playing games against various CISAA teams for the next 4 weeks.  The decision to keep the U14 level at exhibition play was because not all schools are participating in inter-school play because at this age group vaccination status is not mandated in all schools.  Therefore with not all teams playing, it would not lead to a true championship.
At the Junior and Senior (High School) level, teams will play exhibition games for the next 2 weeks before moving to a March Madness format of league play, leading to a championship game.  After the family day long weekend, teams will play in multiple trimeets, and face everyone in their division.  Top teams in each division will play off in a final championship game.  Games will be shortened to accommodate double and triple-headers.  For example;
Hockey- 3 periods of 10 minutes
Basketball – 4 quarters of 6 minutes
Volleyball – Best 2 out of 3, with 3rd sets scoring to 15
Curling – games of 6 ends

All OFSAA winter championships have been cancelled this year, so there will be no OFSAA tournaments.
We look forward to safely getting our kids back to some inter school competition!  Please make sure you are checking your child’s team Edsby page as schedules are being updated daily.
Thanks for your patience and support of the athletic program.  LET’S GO LIONS!