CPC – Athletic Update

Our elite basketball teams were back in action this week.  Our senior girls played Lincoln Prep on Tuesday and despite a strong effort, they fell short listing 77-70.  Toby Fournier scored an amazing 33 points, followed by Taija Sta. Maria with 21 points and Chantells Stuart with 13 points.
Our boys senior elite team had a busy week playing two games, winning one and losing the second.  Their first match was on the road against Excel Hoops.  In their strongest game since the new year, the team won 118-96.  Elijah Fisher had a dominant game scoring an impressive 42 points.  Contributing to the total was Romad Dean with 26 points, Zaiden Cross with 20 points, and Mykahilo Bednostin with 11 points.  Wednesday night the boys played a long awaited home game, but the back to back games proved difficult and our Lions fell short to Niagara Prep losing by 2, with a final score of 93-91.  Once again Elijah was the top scorer of the game with 37 points, followed by Zaiden Cross with 24 points and Romad Dean with 13 points.
CISAA Update;
Things are still being confirmed, but once given the ok by the provincial government it looks like we will be able to resume games the week of February 7th.  Please continue to check Edsby for schedule updates.  In the meantime our Lions are back in the gym and at the rink and in the pool, training and they will be ready for when games resume!