CPC Alumni Update: Sam Downey (’15)

After graduating from Crestwood in 2015, I ended up going to Fanshawe College for four years.  In the first two years, I studied Radio Broadcasting and then I went on to do the Music Industry Arts program.  After college, I built up a lot of industry connections and was able to find work as a session bassist on multiple projects that were all different music genres that included Rock, Punk, Metal, Hip Hop/Rap, Folk and Country.

Sadly, when Covid hit my industry changed completely as live shows were the first thing to go.  Also many musicians that I had previously worked with had decided to go on hiatus till the end of Covid, so I was out of freelance work.  With all my spare time I reconnected with a couple guys that I went to school with at Fanshawe, and we decided to use our skills to independently release a single on all streaming platforms and a music video.  We also talked our way into recording at Noble Street Studios in Toronto, which is where the Arkells, Billy Talent and Shawn Mendes record.  I even ended up getting the lead singer of Big Wreck mad because my bass amp was too loud and he could hear it in the upstairs studio.  Overall, it was a life changing experience being in a place where legends record.

Hopefully, my Covid update will inspire arts students at Crestwood to keep going at it. I have found since recently working at a school that a lot of arts students are deciding to take on other careers paths as they think the entertainment industry is dead because of covid.  The truth is it’s alive as ever, just a whole different ballpark, but in the end with the technology skills that the young generation have, they have a better chance than ever to make it in the entertainment industry.

Music Video (Get a Life by Bandits)