CPC Alumni Update: Jasmin Katz (’15)

Since graduating Crestwood in 2015, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree from Queen’s University, where I majored in Psychology and minored in Biology. I was quite dedicated to pursuing my ambition of becoming a clinical psychologist. In my fourth year of undergraduate studies, I applied to several Canadian clinical psychology programs. I was accepted at my top choice university, the University of Toronto, into the Clinical and Counselling Psychology program, under the supervision of Dr. Abby Goldstein. I am currently in the second year of the Master’s and will be obtaining my degree after defending my thesis at the end of summer 2021. I am beginning the Doctorate degree in September 2021 and will be concurrently pursuing a specialization in Addictions Studies. To supplement my training, I have been working as a research trainee at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), conducting translational alcohol research alongside experts in the addictions field.

In my limited vacation time, in between semesters I have enjoyed traveling to Europe, Israel, Chicago, New York and Vancouver. I spend my free time hanging out with my friends and family and exploring the city’s newest coffee shops and restaurants.

Jasmin Katz