CPC Alumni Update: Jacob Rothman (’10)

Jacob Rothman (2010)

As an individual that graduated from Crestwood in 2010, it has been an eventful 11 years, including the recent pandemic.  I graduated from Queen’s University in 2014 and found an opportunity in Advertising Technology in Tel Aviv, Israel.  I worked for several startups in Tel Aviv before receiving a chance to open the satellite office for a company called Positive Mobile in New York City in 2017.  From there, I worked at an emerging FinTech start up called DailyPay, helping Fortune 500 companies offer their employees the ability to access their pay daily across the United States.

Additionally, I am currently an MBA candidate for the Stern NYU Executive MBA program and will graduate in 2022.

Most recently, I was offered a position at Microsoft where I am the Partner Lead for the Microsoft Advertising division.  In this role, I will manage and facilitate all business items pertaining to Microsoft’s relationships with major partners such as Verizon Media, AT&T and Facebook.

On the side, I have recently been brought on to the advisory board of an incredible start up called KinoTek Software.  KinoTek is a one of a kind start-up where we are changing how private clinicians can assess their patients using real time movement analysis and being able to provide an instant feedback loop to both the patients and medical professionals.

On a personal note, while the pandemic caused my wedding to be cancelled, I was able to put together a Zoom wedding together with close family and married my wife in May of 2020…and of course brought a dog into our family because we are all working from home!